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Small Dogs starting at $70

Medium Dogs starting at $85

Large and Extra Large starts $100

Spa Care


Sandy Paws Mobile Pet Spa offers your Best Friend a full nose to tail experience.  We select the perfect shampoo for your pet from a wide array of show products, everything from a clarifying bath to break down built up dirt and residue without stripping natural oils that keep skin healthy to medicated baths, vital in treating skin irritations and everyday itchies. For a full spa experience we offer high-end, imported shampoo designed to keep your pet smelling spa fresh long after their groom.  Enusring every guest is squeaky clean everyone gets scrubbed up and rinsed 2 times, first to remove debris and surface grime, then a second scrub to deep clean their skin and coat. Every paw receives a pawdicure complete with nail trimming and Shea Butter paw massage. Complete ear cleaning to protect the Ph balance of those little ears. Oral care is included to clean and deodorize teeth and gums to aid in keeping plaque at bay. To endulge all the senses we play relaxing sounds of nature, smooth jazz, classical and more. If your pet has a favorite band, let us know and we can play requests.

Why Choose Mobile Grooming?


We bring the Spa to your pet making it comfortable and convenient for the owners as well. One of the best features of the Mobile Service, your pet receives one on one, personalized attention. No unfamiliar dogs or environment. We service a small amount of dogs per day, as to accommodate the needs of each pet. We love our large and extra-large breeds and have amenities to ensure their comfort. We feature a walk-in bath making it comfortable for our senior clients. Our Mobile Spa is spacious, clean and a safe environment for your pet. 

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Sandy Paws Mobile Pet Spa

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